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     December 31, 1969      #70-364 a2z

Hello world

Momence rechaza la oferta molesta de Peotone

A Train Wreck Waiting To Happen? Address by Thomas F. Farrell II, President and Chief Executive Officer, Dominion Delivered to the World Affairs Council, Richmond, Virginia on September 14, 2006 Ambassador Bell, ladies and gentlemen. Thank you for the warm welcome. It is a pleasure to be here tonight ... and a real honor to join the ranks of the distinguished guests who have preceded me at this lectern. I want to begin by congratulating Ambassador Bell and the World Affairs Council for 10 years of outstanding service to central Virginia. Dominion has been a corporate sponsor of this Council since 1999. We value and support your efforts to promote global literacy and a deeper understanding of international affairs. Energy literacy is-or should be-an important aspect of that ...

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